100 Likes! Thanks Guys!

Its official! I have gotten 100 likes and followers on my facebook Flashbulb Foto page! I’m honestly flabbergasted and so happy. It seemed like just yesterday I was making the page, still undecided on what kind of photographer I was even going to be, and now, I’ve had a steady goal of what I want to be, It has really helped grow likes.

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ArtPal Gallery

When I first became determined to sell my art, I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy road. There are so many different sites now days to do that, how are you going to know which one works best for you? It required much research and homework on my part and most of the advice I found was things that would be rather hard for me to do: Focus on one genre, market your site, get your name out there ect. Well, most of that I’d been trying to do anyway. But focusing on one genre? That would be hard for me. I capture the beauty of the WORLD! That means food, nature, plants, everything!

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Photoshop Editing

July is a busy month. My niece, Uncle in law, father in law and husband all have birthdays that month. Needless to say we usually do a BBQ or something around the end of July to celebrate it all at once. This time we went to a family super secret swimming hole. I had been there once before, back before I had my good cameras. So this time I was stoked. What better way to practice your skills than to go to a place that your not entirely familiar with? I was quite excited. I had to get family photographs of course, but once everyone was off doing their own thing, I was off taking pictures of everything beautiful. I worked more on making sure all my settings were appropriate for the situation.


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Merged Burned Edges

Recently, due to my absence in the photography field, I have much to catch up on. Sharpening my photoshop skills among one of the things. I had an idea a while back, given to me by a friend of mine back when I attended the Art institute. Which was to make your own texture. We learned a little bit of it from digital darkroom, but being homework, while I was interested, the passion wasn’t there for me at the time, so I just tried my best and kept that knowledge in the back of my head.

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Dealing with Noise


It has been months since my last post. A lot has gone on in my personal life which has dulled my passion for photography. First, my photography school gets bought out, and because of that, I would have to pay over $2000 to just receive my paper diploma. No payment plans, nothing. So for those reasons alone I was forced to drop out. Depressing. But just as I was getting over that, I got pregnant! I was overjoyed! But alas, on my 11 week appointment, I find out baby had no heartbeat. During all of this, I was attempting to go through all my SD cards to clean them out for the upcomming wedding, and my SD card reader quits working in my computer.

I still shot the wedding though, it was my father in laws and I did my best considering I was dealing with all the above issues plus more that are not quite appropriate to talk about in a photography blog. Needless to say before yesterday when I started photographing again, I hadn’t touched my camera since May 7th 2017. Saturday, July 22nd, my husband and I went for a walk, so I put my SD card in my computer, as I forgot it didn’t work in the first place and POOF! It started working again. No idea why, and honestly, I don’t care how it started working again, but sure made my day! Helped fuel my passion again.

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Taco Pasta

Tonight for dinner, I found a recipe on-line that involves my two most favorite meals. Pasta and Tacos. Its called Taco Pasta. It involves really basic ingredients and it doesn’t take long to make at all. I don’t have all the ingredients for classic tacos but I had all the ingredients for Taco Pasta (including the cheese for once too!)


1 Lb Ground Beef

8oz uncooked Pasta (elbow or Rotinni, I’m using Elbow)

1 Can corn

1 can tomatoes

1 ½ cups of water

1 Cup shredded cheddar cheese

1 package taco seasoning (aprox 2 tbsp)

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The best of my career

During the weekend, I captured what I feel is the most artistic, best looking sunsets of my career thus far. I am very pleased with it, and it put a fire under me that is driving my artistic desires. After taking that sunset, and looking at it on my PC, I played with the tones and values on the image. I made one, which had trees in-between a tower got darkened in such a way it literally almost looks like a painting. I feel these are contest winners for sure. Just to find the right one now. My busy schedule makes it almost impossible to do any work of my own on photography. But at least I finally have a comfortable chair, so doing said photography work is more pleasurable again.

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Old Time Holiday

This weekend, the family and I went to Old Shasta to check out the Old Time Holiday 2016. The last time I went I was a docent, teaching the kids crafts, and giving tours. I miss it. Visiting took me back there, and it was nice to go and show my daughter the same. There was candle making, wood burning, tours and food. Shorty’s Eatery was open and in full swing in the old Blum Bakery. The Litch store was open too, giving children tours as well as selling souvenirs. It was nice, and you really could see the city come alive again for one day. There were Christmas decorations hanging on the buildings, and families were spending time together, enjoying their time together learning about the history of their community.

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Budding Artist

Within the last few weeks during my move (yes, we did it again!) I’ve been working on supplementing my income for a few reasons 1. to make money, 2. To supplement enough income so that I may be a work at home mother and 3. to get my name out there and hopefully start selling some art. I’ve been feeling rather creative lately, and even have a piece of art to sell! I call it, Laid Rose. Its a painting but since I am an artist no matter what I do, I figured I’d still try to sell it. Nothing yet, but I’m not giving up. I’ve also got another one, that I call Golden Leaf. I have to fix that one though. It was my first try at spray paint art and there are parts that don’t flow with the rest of them. So next time I have some extra dough, I will be going to Johannes for paint and a fine brush to help fix it in hopes of selling that one as well.

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